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"Students Explore all the Healthcare Field has to Offer"

Aug 30, 2014 | Posted in News

The Warsaw Country Courier- August 30, 2014:

Area youth were given the chance to explore careers in the medical field during the HealthWORKS program at the Wyoming County Community Hospital on Friday, Aug. 22.

HealthWORKS brought students together from Wyoming, Warsaw and Letchworth central schools, and allowed them set see and hear up-close what being a medical professional is all about. Students were able to speak with professionals about how they got into in their careers, and see a mercy flight helicopter and ambulance up-close.

“It's about introducing young people into healthcare careers,” said Scott Gardner, chairman of the Wyoming Foundation board.

HealthWORKS was made possible by a grant from the Wyoming Foundation, which was started in 1974 to benefit the citizens of Wyoming County through charitable givings of their peers.

Gardner said the Foundation along with the Wyoming County Community Hospital, wanted kids to be able to see all of the different jobs available within the medical profession.

“Some of the best ways is to get kids to see,” he said.

This year is the first time that the Foundation has partnered with the hospital to put on a program of HealthWORKS's type.

Mercy flight flew in from Batavia for the program and before students got a firsthand look at the helicopter, they were told by mercy flight staff that it's a job where they have to be on their toes and be able to take in as much as possible.

“I think it's important to notice – you'll see if you're out driving around – this is critical care in the air,” Gardner said to the students. “This aircraft saves lives. That's what you do, you get people from the most critical scenes to the hospitals.”

Gardner also urged the students to donate their time to helping out mercy flight and the upside to doing so.

“If you get a chance or an opportunity to volunteer – because you don't have to be an old person to volunteer, young people do too,” he said. “So if you see something coming up where there's an opportunity to help mercy flight, I would say jump on it in any way you can. It's a great, great opportunity.

“And the cool thing is by having a program like this, you get to see some really cool careers.”

After seeing the mercy flight helicopter, students also looked at an ambulance that operates out of the hospital. They also heard from various medical professions about the nature of the job, including ears, nose and throat specialist Dr. Brendan O'Brien, who recently partnered with the WCCH.

The hospital plans on continuing HealthWORKS in the future, and in December it has made arraignments to have an orthopedic surgeon speak, along with giving students a tour of the radiology department.

Students who are interested in joining HealthWORKS are urged to talk to their guidance counselors at school in order to get involved.

To view this story in the Warsaw Country Courier , click here.

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