Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

What is a Change Maker?

Sep 08, 2016 | Posted in News

There's no denying that our region is on the move. As our community continues to evolve - so will the issues and challenges we face every day.

We are grateful for the more than 100 Change Makers who have designated their endowments to address the changing needs of the community over time. These visionaries recognize that the needs we take on today are not always the ones we will encounter tomorrow.

Today, our Change Makers' generosity allows the Community Foundation to advance four community goals identified through a thoughtful process that will drive long-term change. Our current goals include: improving educational achievement for students in low-income communities, increasing racial/ethnic equity, enhancing and leveraging natural resources, and strengthening the region as a center for architecture, arts and culture.

Click here to learn more about these goals and our leadership initiatives.

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