Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

All Funds

Since 1919, generous individuals, families and organizations have worked with the Community Foundation to make the most of their generosity by establishing named funds.These funds generate income to make grants as directed by each client including to specific organizations or to the changing needs of the community.

Below is a list of all funds at the Community Foundation and the year that each was established. For information about how you can establish a named fund please contact Betsy Constantine by email or at (716) 852–2857.

All Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Funds

21st Century Fund
Acacia Park Fund
Advancing Arts & Culture Endowment Fund
The AJL Fund
Charlotte Albright Fund
Dorothy & Eugene Allbert Fund
James & Kristin Allen Fund
The Robert A. & Ruth E. Allen Memorial Fund
Allentown Village Society, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Michael & Elaine Almeter Fund
Paul & Jean Almeter Fund
Ina D. Alt Trust
Amherst South Rotary Club Endowment Fund
Amico Fund
Anna May Andrews Trust
Joseph & Margaret Andrews Educational Trust Fund
William Henry Andrews Bequest
Elizabeth & John Angelbeck Foundation
The Joyce and Stuart Angert Fund
Annual Odd Fellows-Rebekah Award
Lawrence M. Appleby Fund
Charles and Ione Arrick Charitable Fund
Arts Academy Fund
Dale L. Askey Memorial Fund
Augustine Family Fund
Emily E. Babchak Memorial Fund
Cameron Baird Endowment Fund for BP Chorus
Cameron Baird Fund
Dara L. Barker Memorial Fund
Leonard M. Barkin Environmental Conservation Trust for Youth
C. Edgar Barlow Scholarship Fund
Nora Shea Barnwell Endowment Fund
James M. and Barbara J. Barrett Family Foundation
Dr. Charles E. Bartlett Memorial Essay Contest
Oliver G. & Sarah Sloan Bauman Fund for the Arts
Henry E. & Susan W. Beamer Endowment Fund
Thelma L. & Milfred R. Beck Fund
George E. Becker Fund for Heart Research
Martha H. Beeman and Judge William L. Kellick Endowment Fund
Grover E. Bell Award
Lawrence D. Bell Bequest
Bell Fund Trust #1
Bell Fund Trust #2
Edgar Bellersheim Scholarship Fund
Benaiah Fund
Lana and Howard Benatovich Philanthropic Fund
Adrian A. & Betsy B. Bennett Fund
Bennett Alumni Association Foundation Fund
Bennett High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
The Berardi Fund
The Better Buffalo Fund
Harry J. Beu Scholarship Fund
Alanson C. Bigalow Scholarship Fund
Josephine Biontolillo Bequest
Charles A. & Anne L. Bird Fund
Corrine G. Bird Bequest
Reverend A. Joseph Bissonette Memorial Fund
Peter D. Blacher Health Care Fund
Virgil A. & Margaret L. Black Memorial Fund
Brian H. Blesy Memorial Scholarship Fund
Anna Kowalska Bley Music Memorial Award
Maurice G. Bley Drama Memorial Award
BlueCross/BlueShield Physicians Fund for Children’s Health
The Robert Bodkin Foundation
Jule Bogner Philanthropic Fund
Robert Bojdak & Sarah Williams Fund
Bollier Family Fund
Dr. Germante L. Boncaldo Scholarship Fund
Book and Material Buying Endowment Fund
Richard Boyd Bowen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard W. Bowen Fund
Kathleen M. Box-Krycia Mem. Scholarship Fund
Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo Fund
Boys & Girls Club of Eden Fund
BP/Carborundum Scholarship Fund
The Lorraine M. & Eugene P. Brady Memorial Scholarship Trust
Irma Brand Bequest
David & Jessica Brason Philanthropic Fund
James E. Braunberns Bequest
Anthony A. Brese Scholarship
Rosalie H. Bretzfelder Fund
John Bridge Memorial Fund
Belmore Hicks Bridgford Fund
BRI-NK Foundation
Barbara C. and Edward M. Brink Fund
Maureen E. Brinkworth Memorial Scholarship
Agnes Clarke Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jean Knowlton Brown Fund
Jean M. Brown Fund
Henry W. & Martha L. Bruner Philanthropic Fund
Stanley A. Brzezinski Memorial Fund
Brzezinski Philanthropic Fund
BTF Make a Dream Come True Scholarship Fund
Martin A. Buecking Bequest
Buffalo Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Endowment Fund
Buffalo Audubon Endowment Fund
Buffalo City Mission Fund
Buffalo Eye Bank Foundation Endowment Fund
Buffalo Forward Foundation
Buffalo Green Fund
Buffalo Green Fund - Moscicki Fund
Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Alliance Scholarship Fund
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy Fund
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Permanent Endowment Fund
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Society Endowment Fund
Buffalo Prep Endowment Fund
Buffalo Rotary Foundation Fund
Buffalo Seminary Alumnae Association
Buffalo Seminary Board Designated Investment Fund
Buffalo Seminary Brown Funds
Buffalo Seminary Core Investment Fund
Buffalo Seminary Historic Dollar Value Preservation Fund
Buffalo Yacht Club Fund
Buffalo Yacht Club - Sean Gregory Fund
Joseph E. Buran Music Fund
Burtsell-Steuernagel Memorial Fund
Michael R. Butler & Glenys Maschoff Butler Fund
Walter L. Byram Bequest
Kate Cady Endowment Fund
The Caerus Forum Philanthropic Fund
Christopher Callan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Callan Family Scholarship Fund
Calpin Family Fund
Jerry and Liz Canada Fund
Elizabeth J. Cappella Birthday Trust
Career Aspiration Scholarship Fund
Cargill Scholarship Fund
Gustaf & Sigrid Carlson Memorial Fund
Margaret E. Carnahan Bequest
Edna L. Carroll Trust
Leonard M. Castrianno Scholarship Fund
Philip & Joyce Celniker Family Fund
Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History and Nature Fund
Eldon H. Chaddock Bequest
Robert J. Chambers Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
R. Mark Chandley Scholarship Fund
Clifford C. Chapman Memorial Fund
Dr. Norman Chassin Endowment Fund
Irwin H. Cheskin Fund
Children’s Programming & Resources Endowment Fund
Willis E. Chilson Memorial Fund
Mark Chowaniec Memorial Fund
Russell C. Christ Jr. Fund
William & Ida Christie Fund for Music
Mary & Robert Chur Scholarship Fund
Frances G. Churchill Bequest Fund f.b.o. the Churchill Memorial United Methodist Church
Helen Anderson Cobb Bequest
Velma C. Cobb Scholarship Fund
The Ilka Cohn Fund
The Ilka Cohn Fund 2
Colligan Family Fund
Bronson & Margaret Collins Scholarship Fund
Joanne and Franklyn Collins Fund
Michael Collins and Kathleen O’Leary Charitable Fund
James and Judith Collord Fund
Communities of Giving Legacy Initiative Endowment Fund
Community Impact Fund
Community Services Support Foundation
Conable Family Foundation Fund
Angela Y. Coniglio Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mildred Bork Conners & Joseph E. Conners Fund
Mildred Bork Conners & Joseph E. Conners Scholarship
Owen D. Connolly Flex Fund
Gerhard A. & Lura L. Cook Educational Fund
Sonja H. & Carlton P. Cooke Jr. Fund
Joseph & Bernadette S. Corcoran Fund
The Peter C. Cornell Trust
Russell E. Corser Fund
Kathryn R. Cottrell Scholarship Fund
Annette Cravens Fund
Estate of Beuline Crawford
Betty Crump Fund
Wilma T. Csont Fund
Jeanette Marie Daigler (Class of 1965) and Aldine M. Tarbell (Class of 1946) Scholarship Fund
Damon Family Fund
Mason O. Damon Endowment Fund
Grace Neff Daniels Memorial Fund
Dorothy C. Darlak Memorial Fund
Herbert F. & Bertha W. Darling Trust
Herbert F. & Jane K. Darling Philanthropic Fund
Louis R. Davidson Bequest
Davis Family Fund
Ethel M.C. Davis Scholarship Fund
Madeline Davis LGBT Archives Endowment Fund
The D-B Trust
Eaton Deabold Scholarship Fund
Deaconess Hospital Nurses Alumni Fund
James and Ethel DeAmesy Fund
Decillis Family Philanthropic Fund
Eugene A. DeFelice, M.D. & Maryanne Harvey Fund
Elizabeth Deichman Fund
Elizabeth Deichman Fund fbo Buffalo Animal Shelter
M. Dolores Denman Fund for Community Needs
Heather J. DePaolo-Johnny Memorial Fund
DePerno Family Fund
Virginia Deuel Memorial Fund
Loraine Altro Dietz Scholarship Fund
Alfred H. & Irene N. Dobrak Trust
David Donald Fund
Holly Augspurger Donaldson Fund
Dopkins Philanthropic Fund
Stu & Nancy Dorfman Foundation
Jeffrey T. and Jeanne R. Dorn Fund
Paul P. Dosberg University of Pennsylvania Scholarship
Paul P. Dosberg Charitable Fund - Endowed
Paul P. Dosberg Charitable Fund - Non-Endowed
Francis P. Douglas Memorial Fund
Henry and Constance Drew Foundation for Children
Jerome Dreyfuss Scholarship Fund
Peter Dominik, Helen & Paul Leon Drumsta Memorial Fund
Eagan Family Endowment Fund
Eastern Niagara Fund
Ross & Mary Alice Eckert Fund
Dr. Kenneth H. Sr. & Marjorie B. Eckhert Fund
ECMC Lifeline Fund
Economic Self-Sufficiency Endowment Fund
Eden Community Foundation
Darwin E. & Evelyn E. Ellis Fund
Pauline Ellis Scholarship Fund
Marjorie & Mary Louise Emerson Bequest
Esther Link Emig Fund
Empire of America Federal Savings Bank Scholarship Fund
Barbara Ennis Endowment Fund
Erie County SPCA Fund
Herman G. & Emma A. Ernst Fund
Josephine & Michael Ervolina Charitable Fund
Evans Bank Foundation Fund
Everywoman Legacy
Fagin Family Foundation
The Evelyn Falk Fund for the North Collins School District
Derek Falkenbach Scholarship Fund
FANA Scholarship Fund
Emmons B. Farrar Scholarship Fund
June Farrington Fund
Ruth E. Farrington Bequest
Worth L. Farrington Fund
The Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation Home Community Fund
Victor W. Farris Textbook Scholarship Fund
Theodore S. Fassett Memorial Fund
Paul S. Feinstein Scholarship Fund
David R. Fendrick Theatre Fund
Donald Ferguson Fund
Peter J. Ferraro Memorial Fund
Edward A. & Stephanie E. Fial Fund
Robert J. and Martha B. Fierle Scholarship Fund
Anne Catt Filer Fund
Fischle - Laesser Endowment Fund
Fisher Family Fund
Burt Flickinger Jr. Leadership Fund
Doris L. Flierl Trust
G&W Follies Scholarship Fund
George & Lydia Richards Form Endowment Fund
Frank S. Fosdick Scholarship
M. Florence Fraley Fund in memory of her son, George K. Fraley Jr.
The Philip Frandina Scholarship Fund
Harriet Frank Scholarship Fund
Fay & Fred Friedman Family Foundation Fund
Friends of Night People Endowment Fund
Marjorie D. Frink Scholarship Fund
Foundation For Jewish Philanthropies Fund
Fund for the Arts
Fund for the Environment
The Fund for Nature
Fuzak Family/Joan M. & Victor T. Fuzak Fund
Galbraith Family Fund
Sean P. Galliher Jr. Scholarship Fund
William Paul Ganley Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Crosby Gardner Fund
Garman Family Foundation
Helen S. Garms Bequest
Gateway - Longview Future Fund
Stacy Marie Geercken Scholarship Fund
Gelman-Koessler Foundation
Eleanor M. and Willard A. Genrich Scholarship Fund
George Family Foundation
Jean E. Gilmore Philanthropic Fund
The Anthony H. and Richard E. Gioia Fund
Robert and Sally Gioia Fund
The Gisel Family Fund
Norman Goldfarb Award Fund
Dena Goldstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gondree Family Fund
Diane J. Goodberry Memorial Scholarship Fund
William F. Goodson Bequest
Josephine Goodyear Foundation
Graham-Kucera Philanthropic Fund
Joanne Champion Granger Fund
Grassroots Gardens J. Milton Zeckhauser Memorial Endowment Fund
Great Lakes United Endowment Fund
Greater Buffalo Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Fund
Grelick Family Foundation
Roberta Grimm Charitable Gift Fund
Elmer P. Groben Memorial Fund
Thekla R. Groben Bequest
Gronk Nation Youth Foundation
Dr. Alan J. Gross Dental Student Fund
Gordon R. & Gretchen S. Gross Family Fund
Lou Gross Memorial Fund
Grosvenor Society Endowment Fund
Seth Grosvenor Book and Material Endowment Fund
G. R. S. Fund
Joan Willard Gruen Philanthropic Fund
Lillian M. Gruener Business Education Scholarship Fund
William J.C. & Louise Grupp Memorial Fund
Ray and Doris Guenter Scholarship Fund
Charles & Marion Hahn Fund
Joan Hetzelt Hanifin Memorial Fund
Joan Hetzelt Hanifin Theatre Fund
Thomas J. Hanifin BPO Fund II
Rae A. Hanigan Memorial Fund
Leonard L. & Blanche F. Hank Fund
Andrew C. Hansen Scholarship Fund
Daphne Hare Fund
Harvard Summer Community Service Fund
Harvey Family Fund
Dominik Hasek Sports & Scholarship Fund
Hawk Creek Foundation Fund
Health Foundation of Western and Central New York Philanthropic Fund
HealthNow Healthy Living Endowment Fund
HealthNow Healthy Living Fund
William J. & Frieda H. Heckelman Memorial Fund
Leo J. Winter & Marie R. Winter Heim Fund
Leo J. Winter & Marie R. Winter Heim Fund II
Ilene N. Hein Fund
Loren Hendrix Memorial Award
William Hengerer Company Fund
Heritage Christian Services - Anne Wolf Quality of Life Fund
Margaret Bierl Herr Memorial Fund
Herbert A. Hickman Fund
Mildred T. Hill Fund
Harry S. Hilliker Bequest
Hispanic Heritage Council’s Ralph R. Hernandez Bilingual Education Scholarship
Hispanic Women’s League Endowment Fund
Historic & Architectural Landmarks Endowment Fund
Carolynne Schutz Hoddick Memorial Campership Fund
Katharine Pingrey Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Fund
L. Nelson Hopkins Jr. Family Fund
L. Nelson Hopkins Jr. and Jane D. Hopkins Fund
The Mary Lou Hopkins Fund
The John R. Hotchkin Memorial Endowment Fund
Marie S. and Frederic K. Houston Fund
Dr. Irene Hu and Ronald Chang Scholarship Fund
Anne Sage Hubbell Fund
Jayne & Phil Hubbell Foundation
Margaret Huffman Scholarship Fund
Martin R. Hughson Memorial Fund
Geoffrey Hull Memorial Scholarship
Robert & Eileen Hull Fund
John Hulley & Elizabeth Rydzynski-Hulley Fund
H. Reed Hunt Fund
Hutch-Tech Alumni Scholarship Fund
Increasing Racial & Ethnic Equity Endowment Fund
Industrial Educational Fund
Ingleside Home Memorial Fund
Theresa Elizabeth Insana Memorial Scholarship Fund
International Association of Administrative Professionals Scholarship Fund
Mariann Inzinna Camp Good Days & Special Times Fund
Mariann Inzinna Extra Mile Fund
Irish Classical Theatre Company Endowment Fund
Bill and Jean Irr Family Foundation
Irsch Fund
The Jacobs Foundation
Elizabeth R. Jacobs Foundation
Grover & Isabel James Fund
A. Wesley Johns Fund (as established in the Will of June B. Johns)
D. Bruce and Gail Johnstone Fund
D. Bruce and Gail Johnstone Philanthropic Fund
Gail Johnstone Community Leadership Fund
A. David & Heather M. Jones Advisory Fund
Blanche B. Joseph Trust
Jacob G. Joseph Bequest
Jacob G. Joseph Bequest (Camp)
Jacob G. Joseph Bequest - Jewish Federation
The Joy Family Foundation
The William and Anne Joyce Fund
Junior League of Buffalo 1919 Fund
Kenneth R. Kahn & Linda Angert Kahn Fund
Peter G. Karamanos II Scholarship Fund
Nellie Karlak Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Karsten Scholarship Fund
Ruth M. Keeney Bequest
Howard Kellogg Trust
Kensington High School Alumni Association Fund
Jenna Kern Memorial Scholarship Fund
C. Taylor Kew Memorial Fund
KeyBank Inclusive Economy Fund
James William Kideney & Isabel Houck Kideney Fund
Donald E. Killingbeck Memorial Fund
Louise Kimberly Bequest
Ralph Kimberly Bequest
Kinerk Family Fund
Barbara King & Marion Mabee Memorial Fund
Jane B. Kinkead Community Service Fund
Alfred H. & Emma M. Kirchhofer Fund
Kittinger Family Fund
Kiwanis Club of Kensington Fund
Klein Family Philanthropic Fund
Albert J. Klinck Memorial Funds
Charles M. Knapp Educational Memorial Fund
Florence L. Knorl Memorial Kensington High School Scholarship Fund
Howard J. Knorl Scholarship Fund
John T. and Carol V. Kociela Endowment
John and Byron Koekkoek Endowment for Fair Housing Education
John and Byron Koekkoek Endowment for Fair Housing Education #2
Madeline A. Kraft Bequest
Kreher Family Fund
Howard G. Kreiner Bequest
Krieger Family Fund
Albert P. & Maryon C. Krueger Fund
Kucera - Graham Family Foundation
L414 Children’s Memorial Fund
Herbert P. Ladds Jr. Scholarship Fund
Allen & Lillian Laese Memorial Fund
Allen & Lillian Laese Scholarship Fund
Lafayette High School Scholarship Fund
Dr. Harry G. LaForge Bequest
Laird Family Foundation
Langley Family Fund
Frank P. Langley Jr. Fund
Edith Haake Lankler Scholarship
Janet K. Larkin & John D. Larkin III Fund
Wilfred and Joan Larson Fund
Albert H. Laub Bequest
Robert and Tammy Laughlin Fund
Howard C. Laverack Bequest
Lawley Insurance Scholarship Fund
Edmond & Margaretha Lawrence Fund
David & Marie Leamy Endowed Fund
Legacy II Fund
Hubert George & Alice Shyne Leising Fund
Jamie Lembeck Memorial Fund
Edward H. Letchworth Bequest
Edward H. Letchworth Memorial Fund
Mrs. Rosemary LoDestro Lett Memorial Fund
Lewis Family Fund
Lewiston-Porter Alumni Association Endowment Fund
Barbara Wirtner Liberatore Fund
The Library Foundation of Buffalo & Erie County
Anonymous Donor Endowment Fund
Library Foundation of Buffalo & Erie County, Inc. Fund
Library Foundation of Buffalo & Erie County, Inc Permanent Endowment Fund
Life Storage Foundation For A Better WNY
Olga Murray Lindberg - National League of American Pen Women Scholarship Fund
Lions Blind & Charity Fund
Stanford Lipsey Scholarship Fund
L.K.P. Trust
Lockport Public Library Endowment Fund
Lockport Public Library Endowment - Andrews Fund
Locust Street Art Classes Forever Foundation
Phillip C. and Josephine R. Saglibene-Lombardo Endowment Fund
Jo Ann Long Charitable Fund
William F. Long Fund
George and Teresa Lukis Family Fund
Edward P. Lupfer Memorial Scholarship
Lutheran Charities of Western New York Endowment Fund
Lutheran Foundation of Western New York Endowment Fund
Sam Lux Fund
Katherine & John MacDonald Foundation
Norman E. Mack II Fund
The Maclay Family Foundation
R & J Magavern Fund
Antoinette Malanowicz Fund for Cancer Research
Horace L. Mann Memorial Fund
James & Margel Marean Endowed Fund
Julia W. Marks Fund
Marie A. Marshall Fund
Martin House Endowment Fund
Mabel Mason Fund
Arlene & Ruth Mathews Fund
Raymond F. May, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Belton & Mabel McCarley Scholarship Fund
Lilla B. McCready Bequest
Heather A. McGowan Scholarship Fund
Frank and Donna McGuire Fund
Stephen C. McKinney Scholarship Fund
Grace Fallon & Rapier Hayden McMenamy Fund
Arthur J., Alice M. & Dr. James McMullen Memorial Fund
Meals on Wheels of Buffalo & Erie County Endowment
Barbara T. Meech & Robert B. Meech Fund
Joseph and Riva Mehr Fund
Robert H. & Rita Meier Memorial Scholarship Fund
Melson Fund
Ida M. Mevius Bequest
Middlebury Historical Society Fund
Thomas F. Miklejn Scholarship Fund
Benjamin Milak Memorial Scholarship Fund
Thomas and Jennie Militello Family Foundation
Dr. Gustave P. Milkey & Janet B. Milkey Fund
Alice Greger Miller Memorial Fund
Lloyd A. Miller Scholarship Fund
Susan & Richard Minekime Family Fund
Sperry W. Miner Bequest
Amos J. & Leigh Hunt Minkel Memorial Student Fund
Marcella & Felix Mioducki Fund
Miss Buffalo Fund
Mitchell Family Philanthropic Fund
MJH Fund
Edward H. Moeller Scholarship Fund
Mildred Moffat Bequest
Richard H. Morse Fund
Mothers’ Club of Buffalo Scholarship Fund
MPZ Endowment Fund
Dr. Carol A. Munschauer Charitable Foundation
Sarah & Richard Munschauer Fund
Nativity Fund
NativityMiguel Middle School of Buffalo Fund
Henry M., Patricia A. & Mary Brainard Naylon Bequest
Robert B. Newcomb Trust
Jon Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund
The NFJC of WNY Fund
Niagara Area Foundation Endowment Fund
Niagara Education Foundation Fund
Fund for Niagara Hospice
Niagara Relicensing Environmental Coalition Fund
Normandy Fund
Robert and Marion North Fund
NTHS Alliance for Higher Education & Development Fund
The O’Neil-White Family Fund
John R. Oishei Foundation Scholarship Program Fund
Nathalie Hawthorne Olena Bequest
Elsie & Eugene Oliver Memorial Scholarship Trust
Mary Louise Olmsted Fund
Open Key Fund
Orchard Park Lions Club Trust Fund
Orchard Park Public Library Endowment Fund
Robert Oristaglio Humanitarian Award
Pearl B. & J. Lawrence Osborne Memorial Fund
Our Lady of Lebanon Fund
James R. Owen Scholar/Athlete Cross Country Award Scholarship
The Park School Foundation of Buffalo
Patricia L. Parkinson Scholarship Fund
Norma & Samuel Payne Fund
Pediatric Digestion & Motility Disorders Society
Gretchen Rand Penney Bequest
The Ralph F. Peo Fund
People Inc. Foundation Endowment Fund
People Inc. Foundation Support Fund
The Perelandra Fund
J. Warren Perry & Charles Donald Perry Memorial Trust
Michael J. Perry Scholarship Fund
Pet Emergency Endowment Fund
The Peter and Tommy Fund
Hanna Peters Trust
Norma E. Pfeifer Fund
PFLAG Buffalo/Niagara Endowment Fund
Albert & Mildred Pfrender Bequest
Phillips Lytle Foundation
Alexander & Irene Phillips Scholarship Fund
Pickburn Memorial Fund for Wildlife
Frederick S. & Phyllis W. Pierce Family Fund
Pieroni Greco Family Fund
Pinto Foundation Fund
Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York Fund
Police Athletic League of Buffalo Agency Endowment Fund
Benny J. Polizzi Memorial Award Fund
Edwin Polokoff Fund
Georgina Polokoff Fund
Braman Pomeroy Trust
Horace B. Pomeroy Fund
Edgar F. Pope Scholarship Fund
Positive Youth Development Philanthropic Fund
Susan Harvey Prentis Fund
Preservation Buffalo Niagara, Inc. Fund
Professional Engineers Fund
David and Molly Quackenbush Fund
Lawrence Quinn Fund
Marnie Currie Quinones Scholarship Fund
Mary A. Hodson & Josephine E. Radziwon Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth A. Rambo Bequest
George F. Rand Bequest
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Rand Memorial Fund
George F. & Isabel W. Rand Memorial Fund
Rare Book and Special Collections Endowment Fund
Gregory K. Raynor Memorial Fund
Read to Succeed Buffalo Endowment Fund
Douglas L. Rehlaender Trust
Reilly Family Foundation
Ruth B. Reinhardt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eugene T. Reville Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles Elbert Rhodes Scholarship Bequest
Molly & Luke Rich Mental Health Fund
Sara B. Richmond Scholarship Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Riefler Memorial Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Riefler Scholarship Fund
Charles and Alice Rolland Scholarship Fund
Arthur H. & Olga M. Rosche Environmental Education Fund
Ross Family Fund
Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted Ross Fund
Natalie Kubera Roth Fund
Natalie Kubera Roth Fund for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Jane Ruff Memorial Fund
Rumsey Fund
The Rung Family Foundation
Rupp Scholarship Award Fund
Michael W. Russell Fund
The Nelson Russell Memorial Fund
C. Gordon Ryther Memorial Scholarship Fund
John P. Samson Memorial Fund
Sandstone Trust
Howard T. Saperston Sr. Trust
Philip S. Savage Trust
Estelle Sawyer Writing Award
Say Yes Buffalo Scholarship Fund
C. Edgar & Roberta S. Schabacker Trust
Mr. and Mrs. George Schaumleffel Scholarship Fund
Alan and Michele Scheff Family Fund
Hy & Marjorie Scheff Foundation
Hy & Marjorie Scheff Foundation #6
Edward C. Schlenker Trust
Harley J. & Alice M. Schlieder Scholarship
William Kenneth Schmitt Fund
Schneider Family Fund
Norman A. Schoell Charitable Foundation Inc. Philanthropic Scholarship Fund
Norman A. Schoell Scholarship Fund
Alfred H. Schoellkopf-Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted, M.D. Center for the Visually Impaired
Alfred H. Schoellkopf-Roswell Park
Emmie F. Schoellkopf Fund
Jacob F. Schoellkopf-Jefferson Penn Fund
The Jacob F. Schoellkopf Trust for the University of Buffalo
Jacob F. & Wilma S. Schoellkopf Foundation Fund
Jacob F. and Wilma S. Schoellkopf Trust
J.F. Schoellkopf Jr. Bequest
J.F. Schoellkopf IV Memorial Fund
Judith Abbott Schoellkopf Fund
Judith Abbott Schoellkopf Memorial Fund
Walter H. Schoellkopf Memorial Fund
Laura C. Scholl Memorial Fund
Albert G. Schuele Scholarship Fund
(Albert), Maude & Marion Schuele Memorial Fund
Albert, Maude, & (Marion) Schuele Memorial Fund
The Schultz Family Fund
Richard G. Schwind & Rhoda Robertson Schwind Fund
D. Sinclair Scott & Dorothy Doane Scott Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Roy E. Seibel Philanthropic Fund
Melba & Richard Seibold Fund
Irene Klingener Selover Fund
Albert R. & Alma E. Shadle Endowment Fund
Sgt. Daniel Shaw Memorial Fund
Brenda Kurtz Shelton & Harry C. Shelton Fund
Shifflet-Steffan Scholarship Fund
Bernard and Carolyn Shilt Scholarship Fund
Bernard & Estelle Siegel Fund
Sigma Alpha Nu Scholarship Fund
Leonard S. Sikora Scholarship Fund
Audrey and Lawrence Silverstein Foundation
Marjorie Joyce Simmons Memorial Medical Fund
The Thomas K. Singer Charitable Trust
Michele Sirianni Resident Education Fund
SJM3 Fund
Joe & Brett Ski Scholarship Fund
Dr. Barnett A. Slepian Memorial Fund
Edna Foster Smith Bequest
Gretchen L. & A. Warren Smith Jr. Changing Needs Fund
A. Warren Smith, Jr. & Gretchen L. Smith Fund
Harris N. Snyder Fund
Society of Financial Service Professionals Buffalo Chapter Endowment Fund
Christina M. Sonne Fund
Elizabeth & Mary June Sonnenberg Scholarship Fund
Robert G. Sr. & Loretta L. Spampata Fund for Education
Special Fund #7
Dr. Ralph and Lynn Sperrazza Family Scholarship
Herman Spiegel & Amanda Spiegel Memorial Fund
Janet M. Sporleder Scholarship Fund
St. John Hospice Endowment Fund
Janina B. Staniewicz Scholarship Fund
Barbara C. Stanikunas Scholarship Fund
Lucie M. Stanton Memorial Trust
Lucie M. Stanton Scholarship Fund
Ellsworth M. Statler Trust
Rosemarie C. Steeb Endowment Fund
Lee Ann Steiner / James A. Bourne Fund
Daunt & Irene Stenzel Scholarship Fund
The E.W. Dann Stevens Perpetual Endowment Fund
Charles E. Stewart Memorial Fund
Charles F. Stewart Scholarship Fund
Grace & Francis Stewart Humanities Scholarship
Evelyn Stiem Fund
The Stockton Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Franz T. Stone Trust
Morton & Joan Stovroff Children’s Programming Endowment Fund
Daniel W. Streeter Memorial Fund
Ralph W. & Jane P. Strobel Memorial Fund
Mark E. Strome Scholarship Fund
Studio Arena Theatre School Fund
Adele W. & Francis X. Sturner Trust
Judy Summer Library Endowment Fund
Sustainable Use Fund of WNY
John P. & Lorraine Altwater Sutkus Charitable Fund
Swain Family Fund
Thomas Swan Fund
Swanson Community Fund
Joseph & Loretta Swart Fund
Evelyn Swarts Fund
Catherine Swerdloff Bequest
Swift Family Philanthropic Fund
Walter P. Sy, M.D. Scholarship Fund
Richard C.R. Taggesell Fund
The Talboys Family Fund
Ambassador Paul D. Taylor ‘56 Scholarship Fund
Cecil J. Terwilliger Scholarship Fund
Edna M. Theobald Trust
William F. Thiel Trust
Lisa Georger Thompson Memorial Fund
Tifft Nature Preserve Fund
Stephen W. Tilton Bequest Fund
Richard Tobe and Susan B. Tobe Donor Advised Fund
Tobin/Filvaroff Family Endowment
Margaret & Glenn Tome Scholarship Fund
City of Tonawanda Library Endowment Fund
Tops Friendly Markets Art & Music Scholarship
Jim Y. and Emilia M. Tou Foundation
Elinor Townsend Trust
Ethel Vick Wallace Townsend Memorial Fund
Townson Family Foundation
Eleanor R. Treiber Art Scholarship Fund
Trocaire College Endowment Fund
Turin Fund
Dr. Clarence A. Tyler Scholarship Fund
Jim & Donna Tyrpak Family Fund
United Way of Buffalo & Erie County Endowment
United Way Human Services Fund
Urban Christian Ministries Fund
USS The Sullivans (DD537) Fund
Marjorie and Charles Van Arsdale Family Fund
Marjorie Z. Van Arsdale Fund
William L. Van Schoonhoven Fund
Blanch H. Van Valkenburgh Scholarship Fund
Variety Club Foundation Fund
Gertrude Angert Victor Child Development Fund
James W. Vogel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vogt Family Foundation
Frederick A. Vogt Scholarship Fund
Wadsworth Fund
Wagner Family Fund
Carol G. Wagner Fund for Historic Research & Preservation
Aaron Matthew Waldeck Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth DeWees Walker Scholarship Fund
Helen V. Walker Bequest
William B. Walsh Trust Fund
Kuang Mei Wang Fund
Margaret M. Ward Bequest
The Ward Family Fund
Dr. Paul L. Warner Memorial Chemistry Award
Edward and Kathleen Warnke Foundation
Eileen and Rupert Warren Charitable Fund
Evelyn T. Watson Fund for the Promotion and Advancement of “Historical Phases of Prophetic Teaching”
Frieda W. Waugh Memorial Fund
Frieda W. Waugh Memorial Student Fund
Monica M. Weidenbach Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gary Weidman Fund
Bernard D. Welt & Ida Z. Welt Fund
Western New York Land Conservancy Endowment Fund
Charlotte Potter Whitcher Trust
Alyne D. White Bequest
Fern J. White & Neva A. Jackling Scholarship Fund
Fred H. & Lorene L. White Fund
Betty Ball Wilder Fund
William and Betty Wilder Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Barrow Wilding Fund
James Wilding Fund
Walter Wiles Charitable Fund
Henrietta M. Wiley Bequest
Wilson Free Library Forever Friends Endowment Fund
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Endowment Fund for Design and Access
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Endowment Fund for Caregiving
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Endowment Fund for Community Assets
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Legacy Fund for the Community Foundation
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Endowment Fund for the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Wish Gift program to benefit Hunter’s Hope Foundation
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Endowment Fund for Youth Sports
The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Endowment Fund to benefit Western New York Amateur Football Alliance
WNY Lacrosse for Kids
WNY Women’s Foundation
Dick Wohler Hutch-Tech Professional Engineering Scholarship
Paul Wojtaszek Scholarship Fund
Genevieve Wojtusiak Fund
Polly Rumsey Wolfe Fund
Wyoming County Medical & Nursing Scholarships
Wyoming Foundation Endowment Fund
Wyoming Free Library Fund
Yahoo Community Benefit Fund
Yahoo Community Development Fund
Lucinda Yang Scholarship Fund
YMCA Buffalo Niagara Agency Endowment Fund
YWCA of Niagara Fund
YWCA of Niagara Ruth N. Downes Fund for Domestic Violence
YWCA of Niagara Munk/Human Memorial Scholarship Trust
The Zebro Fund
Gustav & Grete M. Zimmer Bequest
Laurette Zwelling Fund

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