Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Buffalo Green Fund

Growing by Leaps and Bounds

With an incredibly rich architectural history, it is easy to overlook how trees and green spaces contribute to Western New York’s beauty. The responsibility for those green spaces often falls on those who recognize the difference a tree, blooming flowers and a new park bench can make. The Buffalo Green Fund is committed to cultivating, promoting, fostering, sponsoring and developing urban beautification and engaging the community in the process.

The Buffalo Green Fund was formed in the 1970s when Dutch elm disease wiped out thousands of trees in the City of Buffalo and the government could not afford to replace them. Still going strong today with a dedicated and passionate volunteer leadership team, the organization recognized that it was not efficiently maximizing its assets, which were invested in multiple vehicles. To identify an investment partner, the Board embarked on a comprehensive process that led them to the Community Foundation.

“We were impressed with the Community Foundation’s management and diversification of assets,” said Wayne Parry, Buffalo Green Fund Board Treasurer. “There was also comfort knowing we maintained flexibility in our withdrawals.”
The Board also felt confident they were protecting and growing their assets.

“When our organization receives support, we want to ensure that in addition to keeping the dollars safe, we are leveraging them to maximize generosity,” said Cindy Kincaide, Buffalo Green Fund Board President. “The Community Foundation’s reporting mechanisms, like the quarterly investment reviews, impressed us and allow us to report back to our Board and constituents about what is going on with their investment.”

Fast-forward into the future where the roots planted today by the Buffalo Green Fund will continue to enhance our beautiful city.

“The Community Foundation is a great vehicle for us to invest the money that we’re receiving so we can grow it and do even more projects to improve Buffalo’s green spaces.”

-Wayne Parry, Buffalo Green Fund Board Treasurer

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