Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Edmond & Margaretha Lawrence Fund


Ed and Margaret’s children, Myra Lawrence, Bob Lawrence and Cathy Slocum in Larkin Square.

Edmond and Margaretha Lawrence’s children remember their parents as quintessential members of the Greatest Generation. “They were hardworking people who wasted nothing and were always doing something for the greater good without expecting any kind of fanfare,” said their elder daughter, Cathy Slocum.

Ed was a devoted seed salesman known for his sense of humor and Margaret worked in the business office at the Springville Griffith Institute School District. Together they built a happy home for their four children, Cathy, Bob, Paul and Myra, in Springville, N.Y., centered on family, education and their faith. For the Lawrences, giving back was valued and expected. The couple was always making sure neighbors in their small town had a ride to church and food when they were sick, all while supporting family members in need as far away as the Netherlands.

When Ed passed away in 1995, Margaret wanted to do something to honor her husband. Around that time, she was introduced to the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and decided to set up a fund, through her Will, in her husband’s name. Over time as she got to know the work of the Community Foundation, she broadened her fund to support the changing needs of our community to make a greater impact. Her children also convinced her to add her name to the fund.

“She loved that the Community Foundation would address community needs she would not know about or foresee. She also knew every penny would be invested wisely,” said Bob Lawrence, Ed and Margaret’s son.

“That was important to her since she had managed money for organizations her entire life,” added their daughter, Myra Lawrence, CPA and longtime staff member of the Community Foundation.

Margaret passed away in 2013 at age 90. Her three living children take comfort today knowing that good is still being done in their parents’ names through the Community Foundation in ways they could have never imagined.

“She also knew that every penny would be invested wisely.”
- Bob Lawrence

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