Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Norman Goldfarb Award Fund

Blazing a Trail for Future Leaders

Frank Mesiah presents the 2015 Norman Goldfarb Youth Award to Marcus Crenshaw at the National Federation for Just Communities annual luncheon.

A tireless fighter for human rights, Norman Goldfarb dedicated years of leadership to ensure equal opportunities for all people in all walks of life. He truly believed that everyone needed to work together to bring our nation’s democratic ideals closer to reality. His energy and capacity to inspire others made him a champion for racial equity in Western New York.

During his lifetime, Norman devoted enormous time and attention to the Citizens Council on Human Relations, and after he passed away in 1983, the organization’s Board of Directors wanted to permanently honor his legacy.

The original Board Members, John Hoffman, Abel Fink and Frank Mesiah, chose to establish a fund at the Community Foundation to recognize adults, youth or organizations that demonstrate the same spirit and perseverance to advance human relations and human rights as Norman did during his lifetime.

In 2015, the Norman Goldfarb Youth Award was presented to Marcus Crenshaw, a senior at the Western New York Maritime Charter School, whose family struggled with racial equity.

“I come from a diverse family,” said Marcus Crenshaw in his award application letter, in which he reflects on his family’s experiences with racial equity. “Because of that, I had a greater understanding of people being created equal at birth.”

“Marcus is extremely personable and is able to bring people from different backgrounds together,” said Commander Anthony Deaville, Western New York Maritime Charter School, who provided an award recommendation for Marcus. “His dedication and motivation to do well have made him a ‘go to’ guy for me.”

Marcus says he plans to use the award toward a four-year college education in Norman’s honor. With the Community Foundation as a trusted partner, the remarkable legacy of Norman Goldfarb will live on through future generations.

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