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Giving For Generations

Peter & Mary Lou Vogt with children (left to right) Tracy Tremblay, Annie McCune, Katie Schneider & Peter
Vogt circa 1964.

Memories preserve the past and inspire a path for the future.

For the Vogt siblings, one memory that drives their family’s legacy of giving is that of their grandmother, Mary Regina Koessler, at her typewriter, diligently making note of the donations she would make to those in need. This legacy was solidified in 1989 with the creation of the Vogt Family Foundation, which was established with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their family business, Greater Buffalo Press.

Throughout the Foundation’s existence, Katie Schneider, Annie McCune, Peter Vogt and Tracy Tremblay watched as their parents continued that spirit of generosity. Peter, the second youngest Vogt sibling, remembers the Foundation taking shape, emanating his parents’ personal passions and affinities for the world. “My parents were compassionate and generous in their energy and spirit,” said Peter. “They always sought to give to the people and organizations that needed it the most.”

To ensure that their parents’ legacy of giving is passed on to future generations, the Vogt siblings decided to transfer their family foundation to the Community Foundation. “We know our voices will be heard long after we are gone,” said Katie, the eldest of the Vogt siblings. “The Community Foundation will be here to tell our parents’ story so that their legacy and our memory of them lives on forever.”

In addition to passing on their parents’ values to future generations, the Vogt family is able to take advantage of the many benefits of being part of the Community Foundation – they have alleviated their administrative responsibilities and increased the impact of their charitable dollars with the support of the Community Foundation’s deep local knowledge and proven investment performance. This allows Vogt family members to focus on making decisions about which organizations and projects to support.

“All of us have memories of our parents giving their time and treasure to benefit the community,” said Katie. “The Community Foundation offers an opportunity to create continuity from generation to generation, to ensure that my parents’ giving spirit lives on, and that our memories are not forgotten.”

The Vogt siblings, Peter Vogt, Annie McCune, Tracy Tremblay and Katie Schneider, circa 2015. As second
generation family foundation members, the siblings
secured a future for the foundation their parents started.

Representing the families of the four siblings, the third generation (back) of Vogt Family Foundation members,
Analise, Sage, baby Isabel, Mary Beth and Zack, met with
their predecessors (front), Katie and Annie to learn about
their family’s history, their grandparents’ spirit of giving
and the expectations for their involvement.

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