Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Western New York Environmental Alliance

Western New York has a deep and storied industrial tradition. Owing in part to its geographic location and access to key transportation routes like waterways, railways, and highways, the region has experienced a continually evolving and diverse economy. Unfortunately, as is true with many industrialized cities, the health of the region’s natural environment was deemphasized in favor of industrial growth and expansion. Today though, Western New York is solidly on a path to both economic and environmental prosperity.

Founded in 2008, the Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA), a coalition of independent organizations collectively representing the environmental voice for our region, was spearheaded by the Community Foundation.

Now it is an independent, member-run coalition of more than 100 member organizations, affiliates and supporters. This coalition works to mobilize change through collective action and collaboration, in order to ensure sustainable, thriving ecosystems and communities in Western New York.

To learn more about the Western New York Environmental Alliance, visit

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