Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo is seeking to hire a Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer.


The Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer (CFO/CAO) reports to the President/CEO and will lead the Finance function of the Community Foundation as well as the Operations function. The CFO/CAO will play a critical role in facilitating the Community Foundation’s Organization Design Team (ODT), which serves as the senior leadership team, in setting strategic priorities and driving organizational capacity-building decisions. The CFO/CAO will support the Community Foundation in the following areas:

Finance Function – Strategic Financial Management, Investment/Asset Management, Accounting and Business Analytics

Operations Function – Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and Recruiting, Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits Management, Performance Management and Compensation/Rewards Systems, Policies and Procedures, Enterprise Risk Management (including legal/compliance, insurance, and contracting), IT/Technology, Business Process Management and Improvement, and Facilities Management. Manages the oversight of the following Community Foundation’s outsourced providers: Professional Employment Organization (PEO) (providing human resource consulting, employee benefits procurement/management and payroll processing), Information Technology and Legal Counsel. Continually verifies that operational decisions, practices, policies and procedures are made and improved through the use of a racial equity lens and the Racial Equity Impact Analysis tool.

This position provides a tremendous opportunity for a finance and operations leader to join a well-respected, high-impact organization and assist a highly dedicated team and Board as the Community Foundation continues its growth trajectory and fulfills its strategic goals. It is expected that the annual distribution of work would be in the range of 65 percent Finance and 35 percent Operations.


  • Finance
    • Strategic Financial Management: Working in conjunction with the Finance Committee of the Board, leads strategic decision making to determine how the Community Foundation can best leverage its current resources, engage in financial forecasting and obtain and identify the resources that will be needed for the Community Foundation to fully meet its strategic priorities and mission:
      • Effectively use financial modeling, scenario planning and business analytics for decision making and clarification of business models
      • Prioritize internal organizational needs and investments
      • Effectively manage highly customized client service model(s)
      • Assist in monitoring and evaluating the Community Foundation’s investment in its various leadership initiatives
      • Evaluate potential new revenue sources and the impact they will have on operations; conduct analytics related to pricing services and products
      • Continually evaluate growth strategy (planned institutional growth, asset growth and talent implications)
    • Investment/Asset Management: Oversee the implementation of the investment policy to maximize charitable assets for the benefit of the Community Foundation’s clients/donors and the community as a whole:
    • Works with external investment consultant and investment committee to manage financial investments
    • Understands the unique benefits of the Community Foundation’s investment program and is able to effectively articulate those benefits to the Community Foundation’s current and prospective clients
    • Ensures appropriate internal controls are in place, including reporting and valuation of investments
    • Assists with the due diligence, implementation and monitoring of the Community Foundation’s programmatic and mission-related investments, including impact investing.
    • Accounting: Partnering with the VP of Finance, the CFO/CAO oversees the accounting operations and provides fiduciary oversight to the Community Foundation assets including, but not limited to, the following:
      • Ensures budget cycles support strategy
      • Oversees annual audit process and external financial reporting
      • Oversees organizational cash flow and forecasting; ensure that financial data and cash flow are steady and support operational requirements
      • Oversees financial management/reporting system and ensure financial best practices are implemented and documented


    • Operations Management: Collaborates with the various Community Foundation teams (Function, Cross-functional and ODT) to ensure that the way work is performed is efficient and that team members are provided with the resources, infrastructure and support needed to be effective in their roles, thereby allowing them to proficiently meet client/stakeholder needs:
      • Manage administrative, operations and facilities functions to ensure efficient and consistent operations as the organization grows; build internal project management structure and capacity
      • Process Improvement: Lead or participate in initiatives or activities that evaluate and improve the quality, productivity, equity and response time of the Community Foundation’s core business processes (Gifts, Grants, External Grants awarded to the Community Foundation and Contracting) by removing non-value adding activities and costs
      • Oversees the Talent Management and HR Roles: collaborate with the Organization Design Team and vendors/partners to ensure that recruiting, hiring, training, professional development, performance management and compensation and benefits programs support the Community Foundation’s talent requirements and equity aspirations
      • Serve as the liaison with the external Professional Employment Organization in areas of regulatory compliance, employee manual review and revision, policy changes, benefits program review and selection, education of Team Members on benefits programs, completion and submission of employment and benefit plan documents
      • Assist ODT with operationalizing the Shared Leadership and the Collaborative Workplace Models
      • Oversee the development and monitoring of operating policies and procedures
      • Manage ongoing risk to maintain optimum risk-return trade-off (includes legal/compliance, insurance, contracting, internal audit, risk assessment, data security, disaster recovery and planning); lead work to determine risk and expected returns for optimal usage of resources
      • Evaluate and plan for the impact of significant growth
    • Information and Technology Systems:
      • Work with IT consultants, technology providers and Community Foundation Team Members to proactively research, implement and regularly review technology solutions that increase productivity and accomplish organizational needs and objectives in an efficient and effective manner. This includes ensuring the integrity of data used and maintained by the Community Foundation’s various information systems.
      • Work with the IT consultants, technology providers and Community Foundation Team Members to ensure that processes, training, methodologies, procedures and tools are in place that will prevent, detect, document and counter threats to digital and non-digital information in a manner so that the Community Foundation’s information is kept protected, confidential and available.
      • Ensure policies and procedures are in place that will allow for effective data and information management. This would include record retention and the archiving of electronic and paper records and communications.


  • The following positions report directly to the CFO/CAO:
    • Finance: The Vice President of Finance (with an additional three accounting positions currently in the function, but not directly reporting)
    • Operations: The Operation Manager and the Foundation Counsel (with an additional two positions currently in the function, but not directly reporting)


Professional and Educational Experience:

  • B.A., C.P.A. or related degree
  • At least 15 years of overall professional experience; ideally, 10 years of broad financial and operations management experience related to and described in the “Key Responsibilities” section
  • Experience in leading and supporting organizational change efforts
  • Successful professional experience in leading, managing and supervising diverse teams and interacting with boards of directors
  • Demonstrated success in designing and sustaining management and operational plans to advance long term goals through annual workplans.
  • Experience in communicating in a persuasive and reflective manner, in person, in digital settings and in writing and presentations
  • An informed perspective on racial equity and demonstrated cultural competence
  • Strong analytical and evaluative skills
  • Computer proficiency in all Microsoft components
  • Consistently shows a commitment to quality and excellence
  • Commitment to the team effort of the Community Foundation 

Financial Management Expertise:

  • Experience with having final responsibility for the quality and content of all financial data, as well as reporting and audit coordination, for either a division or significant program area; having the ability to translate financial concepts for, and effectively collaborate with, individuals who do not necessarily have backgrounds in finance
  • A deep understanding of, and the ability to communicate about, investment strategy
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience with financial systems and financial planning/forecasting methods and tools (modeling, cost/benefit analysis, investment)

Operations Management Expertise:

  • Core knowledge of organizational design protocols
  • Experience with talent management and professional development processes and systems
  • Technological savvy, with the ability to leverage IT systems to meet the needs of the organization; experience selecting and overseeing software installations and managing relationships with software vendors; knowledge of accounting and reporting software
  • Experience in development of high-performing teams and project management
  • Understanding and practice in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes and systems



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We’re looking for talented people who want to use their abilities to make a lasting difference. If that is you, then please send a cover letter explaining your interest in this position and what you would bring to the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

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Application deadline: Open until filled. We thank all candidates for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity, practices inclusion and works to advance equity.