patrick emmerling. professionla advisors. community foundation for greater buffalo. “For me, the Community Foundation is a valuable partner to which I can refer clients when they have charitable intentions but aren’t sure how to fulfill them. I know they will get sound advice.”

– Patrick L. Emmerling, Esq.
Partner, Bond, Schoeneck & King Attorneys

david blesy. professional advisors at community foundation for greater buffalo.“As a CPA, one of the biggest advantages I see for my clients when working with the Community Foundation is to have a place where they make a large donation, from say an appreciated stock or a high income year, and then it can be administered over time to support many charities. It is a win-win for the client and the community. It also introduces them to the Community Foundation and allows them to see the other good aspects of the Foundation.”

– David Blesy
Certified Financial Planner at Blesy & Associates

“I have been working with the Community Foundation for several years now and I have found the team to be a great resource for any charitable issue or questions that my clients have. From transitioning private family foundations from generation to generation to helping a client focus their giving on areas of interest, the team is responsive and easy to work with. Plus, the Community Foundation has an impressive investment advisory approach.”

– Teresa M. Majors, CPA
Partner, Dopkins & Company, LLP

“I became acquainted with the Community Foundation when I first started practicing trust and estate law in Buffalo. Over the years, I have learned a lot more about the Community Foundation and what is has to offer my clients when it comes to making the most of their generosity. It has been an educational and uplifting experience for me and I feel confident that the Community Foundation uses the funds entrusted to them to do good in our community and beyond. It is a full partnership with both of us working together to get things done for my clients.”

– David J. Luzon, Esq.
Partner, Barclay Damon

“For clients who wish to leave a charitable legacy, the Foundation is a great resource and partner.”

– Elizabeth R. Hulley, CFP
First Vice President, Investments, The Hulley Reynolds Nicholson Group of Raymond James