Community Change

Our mission is to connect people, ideas and resources to improve lives in Western New York. That means being active in areas of impact and community change we truly believe in. This work is made possible by our Change Makers who serve as catalysts for change in our community through their generosity.

We have been a part of this region for a century. As a result, the Community Foundation is in a unique position to facilitate collaborative change by co-creating solutions to some of our community’s challenges. To facilitate long-term transformative change in our community, our Board of Directors embarks on a strategic planning process every five years to set the Community Foundation’s community goals. Our current community goals are:



Promote economic mobility through educational achievement, workforce readiness and access to family sustaining jobs for residents living in low-income households

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Racial Equity

Achieve racial/ethnic equity

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Steward significant environmental resources in the context of climate resilience

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Arts and Culture

Promote regional vibrancy through architecture, arts and culture

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