Arts and Culture

arts and culture, one of four important initiatives of the community foundation for greater buffalo.Goal: Promote regional vibrancy through architecture, arts and culture

The Greater Buffalo region has a rich history of architecture, arts and culture that make our region an inspiring place to live. Recognizing the significant economic impact that these assets have in our community, we are committed to strengthening organizations that support these sectors. Over the last five years, we have more than doubled our investment to advance this goal.

Sustaining and strengthening our significant cultural assets will stimulate a powerful economic engine that positively impacts the quality of life in Western New York on multiple levels. By building capacity and encourage collaboration in the arts and culture sector, we are strengthening our community for future generations.

Supporting Community Initiative

As one of four community goals, the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo is committed to strengthening the region as a center for architecture, arts and culture. 

Fund for the Arts

The Community Foundation administers a funders collaborative of public, private, family and corporate foundations. It assesses the needs of our arts community, promotes collaboration and strengthens the sector.

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