Water Equity Taskforce

environment, one of four primary community goals of the community foundation for greater buffaloOur region is defined by its relationship to water—it is the foundation of our region’s identity, and it is essential to our environmental, economic and cultural fabric. Western New York is the eastern gateway to the Great Lakes basin, the world’s fourth largest economy. With 95 percent of the United States’ fresh water flowing through our shores, it is a national, binational and global priority to steward this natural resource.

The Community Foundation serves on Buffalo’s Water Equity Task Force, part of a six-city learning exchange convened by the U.S. Water Alliance. Together, we are focused on ensuring that all people have access to safe, reliable and affordable water. We believe that water fosters economic prosperity, community equity and environmental sustainability. Our goal is to align the resources and capacities of all stakeholders for smart and equitable water management.

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