Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME)

Putting down roots for the future

Neighborhoods are where the American dream comes to life, where we plant roots and build a better life for our children. The neighborhoods that we live in shape our experiences, opportunities and collective future, and owning a home in our neighborhood of choice can provide us with both a sense of belonging and a feeling of security.

However, not all houses in all areas have traditionally been available to everyone. In the early 1960s, discrimination prevented people from purchasing homes in their desired neighborhoods. As a result, Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) was established in 1963 to promote the value of diversity and to ensure that all people have an equal opportunity to live in the housing and communities of their choice.

“We are about advocacy, outreach, education, and the creation of affordable housing opportunities,” said DeAnna Eason, Executive Director of HOME. “We feel strongly that no one should be denied housing based on their protected class.”

By providing families with security deposits, assisting clients with forms needed to stay in their property and partnering with fair housing investigators, HOME remains dedicated to promoting fair opportunities for all current and prospective homeowners today.

To ensure it will be able to advance housing equity for years to come, in 2011, HOME established an endowment at the Community Foundation. “We recognize what the Community Foundation has done in terms of building partnerships, and we appreciate its listening approach to learning about HOME and its future goals,” said Chuck Colston, HOME Board Chair. “The Foundation is a trusted partner with deep local knowledge.”

The endowment has helped HOME plan for the future knowing it has a perpetual source of funding. “If there is something we can do to make it easier for the folks who experience discrimination—if we can provide some education, advocacy and enforcement—then that is what we want to do. That is why this fund was created,” DeAnna said. “The endowment at the Community Foundation allows HOME to put roots down, similar to what we hope to do for our clients, provide stability and help ensure a foundation for the future.”

This story is featured in our 2021 Annual Report