Legacy Society

“A client’s Will enables them to provide for beneficiaries and institutions long after the client has passed away. The use of the Community Foundation to accomplish these objectives is ideal. Its corporate administration provides financial responsibility and allows for flexibility in the administration of the fund if the client wishes to grant such discretion.

– Robert Kresse, Esq.
Trusts & Estates Attorney at Barclay Damon LLP

Managing the charitable legacies of generous individuals is central to the work of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. The Community Foundation Legacy Society was created in 1999 to acknowledge those individuals who have committed to supporting the community in the future through a planned gift. According to their specific directions, the Community Foundation will support the organizations, issues and communities these individuals care about, in their names, forever, in Western New York and beyond. 

Making arrangements for your charitable legacy is a simple process and we are here to help. If you are interested in supporting the community beyond your lifetime, please contact the Giving Strategies team at (716) 852-2857.

Anonymous (15)
Richard B. Adams
Robert A. Allen and Ruth E. Allen*
Mr. and Mrs. H. John Angelbeck
Mr. Andy Anselmo
Mr. Lawrence Appleby*
Mr. C. Dixon Arrick* & Mrs. Ione B. Arrick
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Ash
Mr. Charles E. Balbach
Allene C. Barans
Henry and Susan Beamer
Thomas R. & Judy* Beecher
Ms. Dianne Bennett and Mr. William Graebner
Mr. Harry J. Beu*
Dr. Mary H. Botsford*
Mr. James A. Bourne
Mr. Richard W. Bowen*
Ms. Mary L. Brink
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Brost
Jean M. Brown*
Keirn C. Brown Sr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Bruner
Ruth D. Bryant
Mr.* & Mrs. Charles Burdette
Jane and Jerry Burzynski
Michael & Glenys Butler
Mrs. Helen M. Callan
Mr. John M. Callan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cardamone
Dr. William & Dr. Susan Carney*
Leslie Carraway & B.J.* Verts
Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio
Mr. Paul Carroll
Dr. Irwin H. Cheskin* & Mr. Edward Koryl
Ms. Mary E. Clemesha*
Robert T. and Sylvia R. Coles
Carmela M. & Anthony* J. Colucci Jr.
Mrs. James L. Crane Jr.
Ms. Beuline Crawford*
Ms. C. Elizabeth Crump
Mrs. Wilma T. Csont*
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Cyran*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Czajka
Eleanor C. Daigler
Chet & Delight Dann*
Ms. Elizabeth Deichman*
Ms. Sandra Demus
Miss Virginia Deuel*
Larry R. and Sheila Drake
Judith & Alan Duchan
Ross & Mary Alice Eckert
Mrs. Kenneth H. Eckhert*
Mr. Robert J. Ellis
Miss June M. Farrington*
Miss Ruth Farrington*
Mr. Worth Farrington*
Mrs. Dorothy T. Ferguson
Dr. Edward A. Fial*
Ms. Anne Catt Filer*
Dr. Mildred J. Fischle
Ms. Carol A. Fowler
Jean S. Frederick
Mr. Fred* & Mrs. Fay Friedman
Mr. Dennis J. Galucki & Ms. Barbara Mierzwa
Mr. Andrew C. Giarrizzo
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Gioia
Mr. Kevin K. Gluc
Barbara Goldman & Linda Banas
Aimee Gomlak
Jane Taylor Goraj*
Dr. Susan P. Graham and Dr. Jon C. Kucera
Constance A. Greco
Gordon & Gretchen Gross
Mr. Michael Hamann
Thomas J. Hanifin
Mr. Daniel E. Hannah
Mr. Hans Heckelman
Ms. Marsha S. Henderson
Ms. Alice B. Hilborn
Ms. Judith A. Hirsch
Mr. & Mrs. L. Nelson Hopkins Jr.*
Mary Louise Hopkins*
Phillip & Jayne* Hubbell
John & Bette Hulley
Mr. & Mrs. H. Reed Hunt*
Rev. Dr. Leona M. Irsch
Gail & Bruce Johnstone

Mr.* & Mrs. A. David Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Kashin
Ms. Jane B. Kinkead*
Mr. & Mrs. Irvine J. Kittinger Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Koch
Dr. Kenneth A. Krackow
Bruce A. Kratzenberg
Leonard H. & Sylvia J. Kratzke
Rev. & Mrs. Warren W. Lane*
Mr. Harry H. Lang Jr.
Mr. Frank P. Langley Jr.*
Mrs. Margaretha Lawrence*
Mr. and Mrs. Julian and Barbara Leggett
Gerald A. & Barbara E. Lipa
Philip C. Lombardo*
Ms. Jo Ann Long*
Mrs. William F. Long
James & Margel* Marean
Miss Ruth Mathews
Charles* and Cara Matteliano
Dr. Keith F. and Mary E. McBride
David E. and Andrea J. McGeein
Sheldon E. Merritt & Anne S. Merritt
Mr. Ronald V. & Kathleen A. Metzger
Lois M. Meyer
Karin Michelson & Russell Deer
Mary Ann Milak-Young
Jock & Betsy Mitchell
Mrs. Kathleen Modd
Richard E. Moot, Esq.*
Ms. Albertine K. Moran
Mr. John J. Myers, Jr.
Mr. Robert North Jr.*
James R. Owen
Jane M. Pattison
Mr. Donald A. Pause
Lois and Thomas Pause
C. Jane Pendergast
Dr. Charles D. Perry*
J. Warren Perry, Ph.D., D.Sc.*
Mr. Arlan Peters & Mr. Dominick T. DeFillippo
Mrs. Barbara Pickburn*
Edwin & Georgina Polokoff
Mr. & Mrs. Braman Pomeroy*
Becky M. Powell
Jayne K. Rand
Ms. Dorothy Rapp
Mr. Alfred H. Rasp
Mrs. Lynn Robillard
Alexandra Romanczuk
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Rosche*
Ms. Doris F. Rosen
Dr. Andrew J. Rudnick
Dr. & Mrs.* James Russell
Ms. Geraldine N. Ryder
Mr. & Mrs.* James M. Sampson
Mr. Robert A. Scharf and Dr. Lawrence Van Heusen
Dr. Gilbert Schulenberg
Ms. Melba Y. Seibold*
Mr.* & Mrs. Henry B. Sheets Jr.
Mary B. Sippel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Smith
A. Warren & Gretchen L. Smith Jr.*
Ms. Susan M. Spadinger
Rosemarie C. Steeb*
Richard A. & Ruth V. Stockton*
Dr. Richard A. Stockton Jr.
Mr. Franz T. Stone*
Cheryl S. Strub
Mr. Peter W. Swanson Jr.*
Dr. Walter* & Jeanie M. Sy
Stanley A.* & Sharon K. Tirrell
Mr. William Townsend*
Mr. Charles L. Van Arsdale
Mr. William L. Van Schoonhoven*
Mr. Raymond C. & Ms. Sheila M. Vaughan
Dr. & Mrs. John M. Wadsworth*
Ms. Carol A. Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Wagner*
Ms. Karen E. Waible
Emily W. Wettlaufer
Mr. Jay Wopperer & Ms. Linda Schmieder
Mr. Charles E. Wright
David & Susan* Zebro
Mr. Eddie Zewin* & Mrs. Christine Zewin