Scheff Family

Inspiring the voices of future generations

Hy Scheff was known for his sharp wit and generosity. “He was very charitable because he came from such modest means,” said his wife, Marjorie. “It was always important to him to give back.”

Married for nearly 66 years, Marjorie and Hy met after he returned from the Korean War. Of their decades-long love story, Marjorie recalls he was already talking about marriage on their first date.

They started a family and shared their love of giving back and being part of the Jewish community with their children, Alan and Susan. Growing up, the Scheff children spent much of their time at the Jewish Community Center and at Jewish summer camps, experiences that Alan said shaped his childhood. “Camp was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and it taught me so much,” Alan noted.

As time went on, Alan met his wife, Michele, and they settled down in Western New York, where he joined his father’s firm as a financial advisor. He never forgot the fond memories he made at camp and wanted other children to be able to experience that joy as well.

In 2010, Hy and Marjorie created the Hy & Marjorie Scheff Foundation at the Community Foundation as a way to carry out their charitable giving and plan for their family’s legacy. After Hy’s passing, Marjorie continues to use the fund to support their shared charitable causes. In 2011, Alan and Michele established the Alan and Michele Scheff Family Fund. Both funds are used to support causes and organizations that have long been important to the family, and the Scheffs hope to continue their tradition of giving for many years and many generations to come.

“It is so easy to give through the Community Foundation and support the causes that are meaningful to us,” Alan said. “My dad taught me to help people, and that is what I hope to do.”

This story is featured in our 2022 Annual Report.