Individuals and Families

We work side-by-side with clients and donors to make their unique charitable goals a reality. Our personal approach empowers clients to positively impact their communities and make the most of their generosity today, tomorrow and forever.

A Closer Look at What We Do

Build Your Legacy

With more than 400 active clients, 500 legacy clients and a century of experience, the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo is a simple, yet powerful vehicle for charitable giving.

Every individual, couple and family possess distinct values and wishes that drive their charitable goals. Because giving is a highly personal decision, we provide you with the guidance you need to build your legacy. When working with us, you are paired with an experienced team member who will listen to your needs and help you make the most of your generosity, while maximizing the tax benefits of your gift under federal law.

Impact Your Way

While some of our clients know where they want to give, others seek the expertise and experience of our team to help them identify organizations that can make the impact they wish to see. In either case, we will walk you through an exploratory process to learn firsthand about what you hope to achieve. We often include wishes for passing down a tradition of giving to children and grandchildren.

We can offer an unparalleled look at Western New York by providing information about some of our community’s challenges, insights on organizations doing the most good in our areas of impact and research about specific organizations you are interested in. Additionally, we provide quarterly fund statements, reporting on your gifts and timely processing of any grant recommendations.

Above all else, we want you to consider us your trusted partner committed to your charitable giving – providing the guidance and insight you need when you need it.