Director, Administrative Operations


The Director, Administrative Operations reports to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and assists the CFO in leading the Operations Team. The Operations Team at the Community Foundation is responsible for providing critical administrative/operations support to members of the Foundation’s various Leadership, Function and Cross-function Teams. This is accomplished by managing or assisting with the management of several key areas, including but not limited to: general office administration, information and technology, business process management, risk management and facilities. This role is not a programmatic role and does not include direct administration in the areas of: grantmaking, scholarships, community change initiatives, donor relations or fiscal/accounting. This position is responsible for designing, building, implementing and optimizing business processes as well as the operational excellence of the organization through a cross-functional structure. The Director, Administrative Operations provides Foundation team members with leadership, training and guidance on the latest business processes and IT advancements so that team members are performing their roles with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

This role is critical to the Community Foundation’s mission of connecting people, ideas and resources to improve lives in Western New York and its vision of a vibrant and inclusive Greater Buffalo region with opportunity for all.


 Operations Function:

The Director of Administrative Operations (DAO) coordinates the Foundation’s Operations function.  This function is critical to the strategic design, implementation and monitoring of policies, procedures and workflows of the Foundation. The DAO is responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of the Foundation’s business systems which allow the Foundation’s teams to implement the organization’s strategy. The Operations function is also responsible for providing the Foundation’s Function and Project Teams with the resources, infrastructure and support needed to perform their roles in a proficient and optimized manner in the following ways and areas:

  • Establishes, implements, and monitors administrative systems so that the administrative support provided by the Operations function to the various Foundation cross-functional and project-based teams is delivered in an efficient and effective manor
  • Assists in developing and monitoring the Foundation’s operating policies and procedures to make sure they are in place, operating effectively and functioning as designed
  • Proactively identifies office needs, problems, or issues, including remote work arrangements and resolves them in a timely fashion
  • Reviews the services delivered to the Foundation through vendors and consultants to ensure their service efforts are at an optimal level and are cost-effective.
  • Ensures that office equipment is well maintained, operating effectively and procedures are in place to ensure Foundation Team Members are proficient at using such equipment
  • Assisting in the operational and administrative functions of talent recruitment by working with the hiring manager providing support in the following areas, when requested:
    • Posting open positions using various sources
    • Identifying potential candidates, initial screening of applicants, scheduling of interviews, receiving and tracking applicants in different stages of the evaluation process, reference and background checks, assessment testing and correspondence with unsuccessful candidates
  • Assists with the onboarding and coordinates the orientation of new team members in cooperation with the new team member’s supervisor and the individuals who lead the various orientation sessions

Business Process Management:

The DAO has responsibility to design, implement and monitor the Foundation’s business processes in a collaborative manner through cross-function teams. The business processes include developing, documenting and implementing policies and procedures throughout the Foundation. The DAO also develops training programs in order to ensure personnel are thoroughly familiar with all policies and procedures. The specific responsibilities include:

  • Leads or participates in initiatives or activities that improve the quality, productivity, and response time of the Foundation’s business process, by removing non-value added activities and costs
  • Evaluating the existing business processes including gathering and analyzing requirements, outlining and prioritizing business process improvements, and coordinating business process improvement strategies in a cross-functional manner with internal stakeholders
  • Championing change management initiatives in a systematic manner by performing ongoing analyses on business processes related to productivity, quality, costs, and time management
  • Practicing and operationalizing the principles of project management techniques, and tools used in planning, directing, monitoring, and reviewing of business process improvement projects that are undertaken
  • Training personnel on all business processes

Information and Technology Systems:

The DAO manages the information and technology systems in use at the Foundation. These information and technology systems include, but are not limited to, the following: desktops, laptops, local area network, various cloud-based platforms, software, wireless access points, internet, conference room video conferencing equipment and platforms, and telephone. As part of this responsibility the duties include:

  • Collaborating with the Executive Team to determine the best ways IT can assist in achieving Foundation business goals and objectives including recommending new IT developments and technologies to business decision makers
  • Obtaining and maintaining a deep knowledge of all software and systems used by Foundation Team Members so as to effectively support them in using the various software platforms
  • Works with the CFO, IT consultants, technology providers and Foundation team members to proactively research, implement and regularly review technology solutions that increase productivity and accomplish organizational needs and objectives in an efficient and effective manner. This includes ensuring the integrity of data used and maintained by the Foundation’s various information systems
  • Implementing and directing a learning management system accessible to all Foundation personnel
  • Establishes training programs for all Foundation personnel in order for Team Members to be experts with IT systems and applications. This includes ongoing assessments and testing of personnel to ensure team members reach and maintain high levels of proficiency
  • Coordinates the ongoing services of the IT consultants and manages, with their assistance, upgrades and the procurement of IT equipment and software when needed
  • Serves as the Foundation’s point person on IT and video conferencing issues and is the liaison to external IT and video conferencing consultants. The DAO provides IT assistance in between the consultant’s visits and is responsible for: troubleshooting IT and video conferencing issues as they occur, assigning cases to the consultant’s help desk and monitoring the satisfactory resolution of such requests
  • Managing the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the Information and Technology budget in consultation with the CFO
  • Working with the CFO, IT consultant, technology providers and Foundation team members to ensure that processes, training, methodologies, procedures and tools are in place that will prevent, detect, document and counter threats to digital and non-digital information in a manner so that the Foundation’s information is kept protected, confidential and available
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are in place that will allow for effective data and information management across the entire Foundation. This includes record retention and archiving of electronic and paper records and communications

Risk Management:

The DAO is an important member of the Foundation’s cross functional enterprise risk management team. The mitigation of risk throughout the Foundation is an essential responsibility of the DAO. The oversight and minimization of risk is accomplished through various risk assessments and the reduction of exposure through risk gap analysis and the Foundation’s control environment. The risk gaps identified are mitigated through various methods, and especially through the effective design and implementation of effective business processes.  A critical aspect of the mitigation of risk also includes the implementation and oversight of IT security protocols and controls.


Through the Operations Team, the DAO:

  • Ensures that the Foundation’s workspace is meeting the needs of the Foundation team members and is suitable for the various community partners that also use the Foundation’s workspace
  • Serves as liaison with building management on workspace maintenance and renovation issues

Operations Team Management:

The Operations Team includes the Receptionist/Office Administrator and Operations Assistant, who each report directly to the DAO.

This operation function is essential to the design and implementation of operational policies, procedures and workflows of the Foundation. The DAO assist the CFO in managing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Operations Team by:

  • Fostering collaboration within the Foundation’s Operations Team
  • Ensuring that the Operations Team is working at capacity
  • Confirming that the other Foundation teams are fully using the Operations Team’s support resources as much as possible
  • Providing systems which allow the Foundation’s teams to implement the Foundation’s strategy
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring an ongoing 3 to 5-year Operations Team plan that supports the current and future activities of the Foundation in a proactive manner


  • Minimum education: Bachelor’s degree. Preferred education: Advanced degree in related or complementary field, including, MBA, CPA, Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Ten years or more of progressively responsible experience in a majority of the areas and responsibilities noted above
  • Preference for at least five years’ experience with each of the following:
    • Business process management in a related industry
    • Direct supervision of team members
    • Team leadership and development
  • Certifications or experience in Lean Six Sigma, Project Management and current IT professional certifications are a plus
  • Advanced IT knowledge and technical skills including the ability to troubleshoot and solve IT users’ immediate needs when IT consultants are not onsite
  • Deep computer proficiency in all Microsoft components along with excellent technology and computer presentation skills including the ability to apply software knowledge
  • Demonstrated experience with other software applications
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, set priorities, organize, coordinate and direct multiple projects and activities with varied deadlines; be a strategic and innovative thinker and effective in moving projects/assignments forward
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Advanced leadership, relationship and team development skills
  • Previous experience with managing consultants
  • Strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with persons of diverse backgrounds


The Foundation is a public charity dedicated to helping clients make the most of their generosity. Our mission is connecting people, ideas and resources to improve lives in Western New York. For over 100 years the Foundation has managed endowment funds for individuals, families and organizations. The Foundation has a very clear vision: A vibrant and inclusive Greater Buffalo region with opportunity for all.


Community foundations are designed to grow and evolve as our community’s needs change, and new positions are regularly created as a result. As the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo continues to grow, we’re looking for talented people who want to use their abilities to make a lasting difference. If that is you, then please send a cover letter explaining your interest in this position and what you would bring to the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

Send cover letter and resume as a single Word or PDF document via email to:  Please submit response electronically via email. However, response may also be received by U.S. Postal Service if an electronic medium is not available. No calls please.

Application deadline: Open until filled.  We thank all candidates for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity, practices inclusion and works to advance equity.