Arlene and Ruth Mathews Fund

Sisters’ Legacy Sparks Community Change

ruth matthews
Ruth Mathews


“I was a sales clerk earning 33 cents an hour before I became a teacher and that was absolutely fantastic! I thought ‘what am I going to buy next?’ But instead, I put my money in the bank to save for the future,” reminisced Ruth Mathews. It is just that mentality that guided Buffalo teachers Ruth and Arlene Mathews to save money over the decades.

These sisters recognized that same type of commitment to long-term planning at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

When it came time to make decisions about their investments and what type of charitable legacy they would like to have, Ruth’s professional advisor suggested she talk with the Community Foundation. Impressed with the range of giving options available and the flexibility they would have in making decisions about where the funds would go, they knew the Community Foundation would carefully manage their hard-earned savings.

With her sister now gone, Ruth is carrying on her legacy with confidence that the Community Foundation will do the same for her.

The Arlene & Ruth Mathews Fund has supported the Cultures of Giving Legacy Initiative, Western New York preservation efforts and other changing needs in our community, which ensures their gift will be relevant forever.

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