Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Announces New Team Members and Promotions

Ellen Musialowski Joins Foundation as Chief Financial Officer 

Buffalo, N.Y. —The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo is pleased to announce nine new team members have joined its team with each one playing an important role in the Foundation’s mission to connect people, ideas and resources to improve lives in Western New York.

Ellen Musialowski has joined the organization as Chief Financial Officer. In this role, she oversees finance, accounting, investments and operations. Ellen is responsible for strategic financial management, asset management, risk assessment, business process management, facilities and IT. She works closely with the Board of Directors and its Finance, Audit, and Investment Committees to implement their fiscal policies. Ellen was previously the Chief Financial Officer of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, representing eight counties within Western New York, more than 160 parishes and more than 30 schools. Previously, she was at Praxair/Linde for nine years as a senior manager of accounting.

Also new to the Community Foundation team are:

  • Clara Egemonye, Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Racial Equity Initiatives. In this role, Clara is responsible for supporting and advancing the Community Foundation’s commitment to racial/ethnic equity, and assisting with the work of the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable.
  • Carole George, Accounting Associate. Carole is responsible for supporting disbursements for operating expenses, grants, and scholarships, as well as preparing reconciliations for outside investor accounts.
  • Cristina Giacobbe, Project and Events Coordinator. Cristina supports the Communications team with efforts aimed at raising awareness about the Foundation and its mission of connecting people, ideas and resources to improve lives in Western New York.
  • Brigid Keller, Giving Strategies Associate. In this role, Brigid provides responsive and professional customer service to clients, processes gift and grant letters, assists with special projects and provides administrative support to the Giving Strategies team.
  • Marlon Kerner, Director, Client Relations and Communities of Giving Legacy Initiative (CGLI). In this role, Marlon is dedicated to working with clients, understanding their philanthropic intentions and assisting them with their charitable giving. He also oversees the work of the CGLI, an initiative that works to cultivate positive change in the lives of trailblazing youth of color.
  • Karoll Melendez, Executive Assistant to Operations. In this role, Karoll supports the Chief Financial Officer, along with the Operations and Finance Teams, with general administrative needs.
  • Tina Telesco, Executive Assistant to the Chief Community Impact Officer/Chief of Staff. In this role, Tina provides administrative support to the Chief Community Impact Officer/Chief of Staff and the Community Impact Team.
  • Laurah Webb, Receptionist. In this role, Laurah welcomes guests and assists with office infrastructure needs, including organizing meetings, ordering supplies, mailing and shipping and providing general support to visitors and staff.

The Community Foundation is also pleased to announce the following promotions and title changes:

  • Colleen Becht, Associate Vice President, Controller. Colleen joined the Community Foundation in 2011 and is responsible for the day-to-day accounting and financial functions of the Community Foundation. Colleen oversees internal and external financial reporting, management of the financial database and the reconciliation of investments.
  • Sarah Johnson, Grant Management Associate. Sarah joined the Community Foundation in 2022 and assists with grantmaking programs that support the Foundation’s current community goals of advancing education, racial/ethnic equity, the environment and arts and architecture.
  • Halimah Madyun, Associate Vice President, Administrative Operations. Halimah joined the Community Foundation in 2023 and is responsible for leading the Foundation’s operations function, as well as managing business processes, risk assessment, and information and technology systems to assist with efforts to achieve the Foundation’s business goals and objectives.
  • Megan Sommerfeldt, Director, Gift Planning. Megan joined the Community Foundation in 2019 and is dedicated to working with individuals, families and organizations interested in establishing a legacy or charitable fund by understanding their charitable goals and identifying customized solutions reflective of their unique values and wishes.
  • Emily Wyckoff, Vice President, Giving Strategies. Emily joined the Community Foundation in 2023 and oversees the Client Relations, Communications and Gift Planning teams. She is dedicated to working with clients and understanding their philanthropic intentions, as well as leading marketing and public relations efforts aimed to raise awareness about the Foundation.




About the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo 

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