Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Private Foundation Options

All clients at the Community Foundation enjoy the convenience of having their own private foundation without the administrative burden. They have the ability to give anonymously and access a wealth of information on organizations doing good in the community. Additionally, clients can establish a succession plan for their funds, including what causes or organizations they will benefit after their lifetimes and those of their successor advisors.

For Families

Many families enjoy the opportunity to involve children and grandchildren in giving back to their community. When you establish a fund with the Community Foundation, we can provide resources and support to help you engage the next generation and involve them in learning about the community and decision making to support the issues and organizations they care about. We can also facilitate opportunities for families to share their philanthropic history, ideals and ideas with future generations.

For Nonprofit Endowments

Many nonprofit entities such as private schools, cultural organizations and service agencies draw against endowments to support their operating costs. Because they are a significant source of support for these organizations, managing the endowment, how it is invested and reported become extremely important.

Often, these endowments are managed by a volunteer committee that has many other responsibilities in addition to overseeing the endowments investments. This can cause the responsibility to become a burden.

The Community Foundation offers a solution for these organizations: we can manage your endowment, invest it with our nearly $400 million in assets so that it has access to maximum diversification and top investment managers and provide quarterly reports. More than 75 nonprofits in Western New York rely on the Community Foundation in this capacity including the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Park School Foundation.

For more information about how the Community Foundation can help you, your family or your organization, contact Betsy Constantine at (716) 852 - 2857 or

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